KALYPSO is a collective working in the fields of conceptual art, scenography and visual art.

The group first formed in 2013 as an open field, an open network of artists who use different media, looking for the possibility to conduct impulses in a dynamic and synergistic way.

In 2014 they established the Name KALYPSO as a collective identity. Especially the trio consisting of the photographer Alessandro De Matteis, the sculptor and industrial designer Philipp Dreber and the visual artist Michael Baumann seek out concepts to integrate the audience by joining their multimedia skills. Along with works carried out in the group, all members are active in their own individual artistic practice.
Art can shift a given context in order to open the gaze up to other aspects of reality. If that is successful, then the site becomes more interesting and richer. The accustomed course of public life is interrupted for a moment and the viewer has a chance to reflect upon something he is unexpectedly confronted with. Integrating the audience is the approach to connect the people within an installation ant there is really a need to join, not only in the aspects of art.

Philipp-Dreber-NEGUA-2015 Michael-Baumann-NEGUA-2015 Alessandro-De-Matteis-NEGUA-2015