Sleeping faces, waking up, some still tired, others seem to be caught in weird dreams. This is what you see when you look up at the installation of floating pillows named CARA. The whole space looks like a frozen pillow fight. The projected faces on the pillows are constantly morphing, changing colors and speed and some even seem to melt. The visitors witness a hallucinating, dreamy state of their own mind. CARA is an interactive┬ámultimedia installation, everybody is invited to get involved. There is only one rule given to the participants while being filmed while their head lies on the pillow at the entrance of the exhibition: Start and finish being asleep! Everything that happens inbetween is free to the attendee. The various resulting interpretations are transferred live to the installation. Live-coded algorithms of the visual composition regulate the mood. CARA has many faces to show and you can’t always tell if it is yours. Come join this new kind of experience.